Painting Three In volutpat
  HaikuArt Series
What occurred "out of Nothingness" was this "haiku series" of paintings defining a space, creating a mood and resulting in simple beauty with a finity of elements (three).

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Painting One In volutpat
Re-Visions Exhibit
May 24-June 21 2011

Walter Wickiser Gallery
Chelsea, NY NY

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In retrospect, the romantic period represented a full-flowering of exuberant, youthful expression. The bold strokes, vibrant colors and sensual subject matter - figures embracing, dancing or making love - were all tossed in a turbulent sea of abstraction. Each painting was a storm of vitality, excitement and passion. The viewer is invited to share in this orgasmic, expressionistic orgy in paint. Artistically, the romantic period formed a bridge between the tight, clean lines and control of years of representational art and the expansive abstract period to follow.